Are you looking for a pet sitter with Veterinary experience to care for your pets in your home?

We have a team of educated and experienced Veterinary Technicians to care for your pets in a time of need. We care for all types of pets: Small, large and exotic animals. As well as aggressive and fractious pets. We cover many different types of pet sitting: Business trips, Vacations - short or long, Day outings, Surgery, Injury or bedridden, Having a baby, Elderly and cannot exercise your pet regularly, Extensive painting or home remodeling, Selling your home. What ever the reason may be we can cover it.

We are an excellent solution - A Professional Licensed, Bonded and Insured Vet Tech Pet and House Sitter!

We specialize in spending quality time with your pet and know how to tell whether your family member needs veterinary care. We'll also bring in your mail and newspapers, water plants, turn lights on and off - all of which deter crime and help you relax knowing all is well while you are gone. Normally, pet sitters visit your home and pets one to three times a day. House sitters, on the other hand, stay in your home while you're away. We can administer any type of medication your pet requires and we always write up a report for you on how your pets did while you were gone. What could be better?